Our Mission

Our mission is to empower college athletes to share their stories.

We own our voice by sharing our stories.

College athletes are the most inspiring people. We're striving for perfection at all costs, but being a college athlete isn't as glamorous as it seems. Everyone sees the game, but no one sees the grind. D1on1 is a platform built by and for college athletes because we all have incredible stories that deserve to be told. That's why our mission is to empower college athletes to share our stories. Our team helps athletes share their stories through a variety of mediums: podcasts, photographs, videos, and articles. D1on1 stories are real conversations between current college athletes. Our slogan is "Strength in Stories" because our stories matter. Our stories have the power to help people realize their limitless potential. We deserve a platform… and we need a voice.

D1on1 is Our Voice

It's time for us to share our stories with each other.

Our typical day: Wake up at 5:00. Lift. Film. Class. Class. Class. Pre-Practice Rehab. Individual Practice. Practice. Treatment. Class. Tutoring. Group Project. Come home at 9:00. Also, food and homework in there somehow.

Literally every college athlete