Faith, Family, Race, & Sports w/ Elijah Mason – University of Washington Track & Field

2020 / 06 / 11

Credit to Paul Merca for the cover photo.

Elijah Mason is a talented and incredibly hard-working thrower on the track & field team at University of Washington. In D1on1’s first virtual conversation, Elijah discusses his experience growing up without a father figure, the role coaches play in athletes’ lives, the recruiting process, his experience as a black athlete on a predominantly white campus, and his faith.

What was most evident to Kyler from this conversation was Elijah’s leadership qualities. It’s no surprise he was just elected as co-president of Black Student Athletes Association at UW. Elijah is incredibly willing to sacrifice his comfort for future success, and he has an incredible ability to form strong bonds with those around him. Elijah has an old soul, and Kyler is confident that the audience will learn a lot from his wisdom. Lastly, he’s also a phenomenal athlete. He was 7th at NCAAs last year as a freshman.

Elijah, His Teammates, Coaches, and Family

A Word from the Editor

I am beyond appreciative to listen about Elijah Mason’s upbringing and experience at University of Washington. I am blown away from his immense talent and his success at the PAC 12 Championships after just one year of competing at the division one level. I am most impressed by Elijah’s poise throughout his recruiting process. While finding the right school for athletes can be overwhelming, Elijah showed great lengths of maturity and passion to seek the best education and athletic career possible. I think his story holds much value in learning about the struggles of being a black athlete submerged around a privileged community. Elijah’s words are a good reminder that our track community as well as the rest of the world has much work to do in order to diminish the disparities faced by black lives.

I would like to personally thank Elijah for motivating me to do more than just “support” the black community. As a white person, it is my duty to defend and protect all black lives and hold others accountable to make continuous efforts to unwire the deeply-rooted racist institution we live in. As for track season, you have inspired me to create deeper connections with my coaches and compete with more purpose.






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23 June, 2020

Good read


10 July, 2020

Stay strong, Elijah

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